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Wendi Mejia Beltran

Wendi Mejia Beltran, Reporter

Wendy Mejia Beltran, 8th, demonstrates kindness and joy and has a great passion for everything she does.

Wendy would describe herself as a quiet person.

“I don't really talk to a lot of people,” Wendi said.

Wendy's best friends are Selisica Jimenez and Miriany Recinos.

"I have a very special bond with both of them,” Wendi said.

Volleyball is Wendi’s favorite sport.

“It's a very entertaining game to play,” Wendi said.

Wendi’s best memory with her family was when her mom and her dad were still together.

“We went to see the fireworks for 4th of July at the beach,” Wendi said. "After they split up, a big challenge for me was that everywhere I went, I would see a little girl with the dad holding one of his daughter's hands and the mom holding the other one. She would be in the back just looking up at them."

Wendy gets along with her older brother Christian the best.

“He makes me smile when I would be at my lowest,” Wendi said.

Of the places she has lived, Wendi liked Connecticut the best.

“I was near a beach and would always go there on the weekends,” Wendi said.

Traveling from Fort Smith to Connecticut with her younger cousin is Wendi’s best experience.

“All we did was laugh and talk about the most random things,” Wendi said. “My worst travel experience was from New York to Fort Smith because I felt so nauseous and just not okay and my whole body was hurting.”

Wendi would love to travel to Guatemala.

“That is where most of my family is,” Wendi said.

Friend Miriany Recinos’s first impression of Wendi was that she was easy to talk to.

“Wendi was also very kind and caring, even though we had just met,” Miriany said. “My favorite memory was when we bought a gift for our friend together because we had a lot of fun picking it out.”

Miriany appreciates Wendi’s friendship.

“I like how understanding and humorous Wendi can be,” Miriany said. “She always finds a way to make it a good day.”

Catherine Monterrosa’s first impression of Wendi was that she looked like a really nice person.

“One time when I couldn’t see the board, Wendi gave me the notes, so I could write it down,” Catherine said. “My favorite memory is when we went to the mall. The entire time, Wendi made us laugh and have a good time.”

Like Miriany, Catherine also values Wendi’s friendship.

“Wendi will always be there for me to make me laugh or just make me feel better,” Catherine said.

Profile written by Deacon Smith.

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Wendi Mejia Beltran