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Jace Reinschmiedt

Jace Reinschmiedt, Reporter

The curly-haired, chill Jace Reinschmiedt loves designing fashion and would describe himself as caring, loyal, supportive, confident, and emotional.

“I feel like if you only live once so why be a mean person?” Jace said.

Dance is Jace’s best strength.

“It's easy, and I get it quickly,” Jace said.

A surprising fact about Jace is that he has his own apparel business.

“I like sharing ideas with other people, which helps them start their own business,” Jace said.

Other than fashion, Jace appreciates his friends.

Jace’s best friend is Roberto Romero.

“He's funny and makes me laugh,” Jace said.

Roberto also appreciates Jace's sense of humor.

"My favorite memory is when we played laser tag because we had fun," Roberto said. "Jace is a good friend because we both have the same personality and like to make each other laugh."

Volleyball is a sport Jace enjoys playing with his friend Alex Valle.

“I also enjoy going to the movies because movies are art to me, and I love going to see them with my family and older sister,” Jace said.

When Jaz Reyell Wiggins first met Jace, she could tell that he was going to be a good friend.

"When someone real close to him died, Jace came to me and sobbed,¨ Jaz Reyell said. "It showed how much trust he had in me."

Jaz Reyell believes that Jace is good friend because he is funny, caring, trustworthy and confident.

"He makes my whole friend group laugh with a small joke," Jaz Reyell said.

* Profile written by Kayana Black.

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Jace Reinschmiedt