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Nayomy Reyna

Nayomy Reyna, Reporter

As the teacher leads a class discussion, Nayomy Reyna, 8th, multitasks with a video of a soccer game.

“I enjoy Soccer because every time I play, all of my problems go away,” Nayomy said. “All of my family has always played the game, and ever since I started playing, my family and I now have a stronger bond,” Nayomy said.

Nayomy would describe herself as emotional.

“I get mood swings or sadness out of nowhere,” Nayomy said.

A flaw Nayomy would like to eliminate is overthinking way too much.

"It stresses me out,” Nayomy said.

Traveling the world and watching the World Cup final (hopefully in Mexico) are two items on Nayomy’s Bucket List.

"I could make so many memories and experience new things,” Nayomy said. “I'm a huge soccer fan and to actually be there in real life instead of just watching it on TV would be amazing.”

Nayomy has dreamed about starting a bakery business since she was a little girl.

“I like sweet stuff,” Nayomy said.

When Anahi Martinez, 8th, first met Nayomy in Kindergarten, she thought Nayomy was shy.

“My favorite memory is when we went to a soccer tournament two years ago because we had so much fun!” Anahi said. “She is nice, funny, sweet, and straight up. I can talk to Nayomy about anything, and she’s like a sister to me.”

Friend Nathale Garcia’s favorite memory is when she and Nayomy went to the Fair.

"There was an obstacle course for kids, but only Nayomy and her brother could go in, which was funny because she is so short," Nathale said. "She’s a good friend because she is understanding, doesn’t judge me for who I am, and I can always talk to about anything.”

Profile written by Ayden Perkins.

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