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Justin Lemos De Cruz

Justin Lemos De Cruz, Reporter

With a goofy grin, Justin Lemos De Cruz, 8th, lay back in his chair and randomly talked about spaghetti and McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Deluxe.

To really get to know Justin, you must know about his love of food.

“It tastes so good, and all the flavors just go together,” Justin said.

Justin would describe himself as “chill.”

“I don't really do much but just be calm,” Justin said.

Touching 10K is on Justin’s Bucket List because he wants to show that he is actually capable of earning money.

“I would also like to go to Hawaii because the landscapes look so cool and because it's something I've been wanting to do my whole life,” Justin said.

Some things that Justin can live without include tv, pancakes, and beans.

“I don't really eat or use those things,” Justin said.

Justin’s best memory with his family was when they went out to eat at an Asian buffet.

“It stands out because of the food and how good it was,” Justin said.

Of his four siblings, Justin connects with brother Jose the most.

“Jose influenced me to try my hardest in school and get that grade up,” Justin said.

Justin’s friends are important to him.

“Friends are what makes life better,” Justin said.

Justin’s closest friend and cousin is Alex Valle, and he has a unique first impression of Justin.

“We low-key fought because we were little kids, but as we got older, we grew closer,” Alex said. “He is one of those dudes you can trust and stick with. He ain’t changed on me ever, and he is chill.”

Staff profile written by Jacqueline Espinoza.

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Justin Lemos De Cruz