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2019-2020 Staff

Kimberlee Lopez


Kimberlee Lopez, 9th, is a smart, non-talkative, and friendly girl who likes to color on her spare time. Her best friend is Lisseth Acostah. “Kimberlee is a nice, helpful, loyal, best friend,” Lisseth said. “We became...

Tariauh Smith Mayes


The tall, brown-eyed Tariauh Smith Mayes, 9th, is outgoing and not afraid to speak her mind. In fact, she makes friends easily. She says she is active and loves hanging out with friends. “My friends are very important to...

Lizzy Vanegas


Lizzy Vanegas, 9th, is a really nice, sweet, caring girl. She cares about others more than herself. Erendice Vanegas first met Lizzy when they went on a trip to California and realized they were cousins. “My favorite memory...

Diana Villanueva


Diana Villanueva, 9th, is as smart and clever as a talking robot. "I would describe myself as quiet but loud when it comes to people I know,” Diana said. Diana has a younger sibling, Claudia, who gave her a big challenge...

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