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2017-2018 Staff

Roman Bastidas Cortes


Roman Bastidas Cortes, 8th, is a first-year Journalism student.

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Reanna St. Onge


Reanna St. Onge, 9th, is a first-year Journalism student.

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Jazmine Gonzales


Jazmine Gonzalez, 9th, is a very unique and gregarious individual who is forgetful at times. “I would describe myself as very easy going and friendly,” Jazmine said. Jazmine’s best memory was with her parents. “When...

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Pamela Anguiano


Long black pretty hair that flows down to her lower back, confident walk that she rarely looks down, and her love for makeup makes Pamela Anguiano, 9th, stand out. “The bravest thing I have ever done was jump off the roof...

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Alina Khamphavong


Creative, shy, and mischievous Alina Khamphavong, 9th, loves to make her friends laugh and always finds a way to show off her creativity. “I’m silent and obedient on the outside, spontaneous and happy on the inside,”...

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Ivania Lopez


Ivania Lopez, 9th, is a short, dark-haired, loud, outgoing Hispanic girl who has lots of energy. “I would describe Ivania as loud but funny,” Sky Masterson, 8th, said. “In 7th grade science, Ivania was always loud and...

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Julissa Pardo


Julissa Pardo, 9th, has long, dark, beautiful hair. “I would describe myself calm, quite, and nice,” Julissa said. “If I could be a vegetable, I would be a Kiwi because they are yummy!” Her best memory with her...

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