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Christopher Rodas

Christopher Rodas, Reporter

The mysteriously-quiet Christopher Rodas, 8th, sits straight up in his chair, doing his work, and only talking to certain people.

“I can be kind if you’re kind back to me, but I'm usually a chill person,” Chris said.

Friend Kingston Mckinny’s first impression of Chirstopher was that he never talked to anyone.

“Chris is a good friend because he is super chill, and you can talk to him if you got something on your mind,” Kingston said.

Josselyn Deleon considers Chris a cool person to talk to.

“Others might be afraid of him; yet, he’s a very nice guy,” Josselyn said.

With everything Christopher has experienced in his fourteen years of life, he believes in simply moving forward.

“I'm still alive and kicking after everything that’s happened,” Chris said.

Living without hate would be ideal for Chris.

“It’s draining,” Chris said.

Chris has a lot of love for his friends and family.

“They are the main source of happiness," Chris said. “I cherish spending time with them and doing things like playing survival video games and Mario Party.”

His little sister Nayeli is who Chris gets along with the most.

“I don't really argue with her,” Chris said.

The best advice Christopher ever received came from his dad who encouraged him not to do drugs.

“This was valuable because drugs are bad,” Chris said.
A great memory for Chris with his friends would be when he was playing horror games late at night.

“I miss those times where it was really fun and thrilling,” Chris said.

Out of all of his closest friends, Chris chose Kingston as his number one because they had a lot of classes together in 6th and 7th grades.

“We had more time to have fun together,” Chris said.

America Maciel describes Chris as a nice, good, caring guy who others should give a chance to be his friend.

“Chris always checks up on his friends if he notices something is off, and he knows how to make you laugh even when you’re feeling down,” America said. “He is genuinely kind if you get to know him better as well. Overall he is an amazing guy to be friends with.”

Josseln agrees about Chris’s kindness.

“Once you meet him, Chris is the most amazing friend ever!” Josselyn said.

Lastly, Christopher makes very memorable memories for his friends to forever enjoy.

America’s favorite memory was when she and Chris hung out at his house and talked for what felt like forever.

“It was really great because all we did was talk and laugh to the point where time went by so fast and we didn't realize!” America said. “It truly is fun when you hang out with someone who makes time go by so fast.”

Profile written by Haylei Alford

All content by Christopher Rodas
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Christopher Rodas