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Jacqueline Espinoza

Jacqueline Espinoza, Reporter

Before class begins, Jacqueline Espinoza, 8th, searches Pinterest for more ideas on eternal flowers and her next nail set.

A flaw Jacqueline would like to eliminate is spending too much time on social media.

“I don’t get things done,” Jacqueline said.

Before she dies, Jacqueline wants to travel the world.

“I would also like to go skydiving because you only live once, and it seems like fun,” Jacqueline said.

A surprising fact about Jacqueline is that she knows how to cook.

“I like to cook all kinds of foods such as soup and fried chicken,” Jacqueline said.

Somebody important to Jacquleine is her older brother.

“My older brother influenced me to be myself and not care what others think,” Jacqueline said.

The best advice Jacqueline has ever received came from her mom who encouraged her to not give up on her dreams.

“This was valuable because I didn’t know if my dreams could ever really come true,” Jacqueline said.

The biggest challenge for Jacqueline while growing up in her family was being the only daughter.

“My family is more protective of me,” Jacqueline said. “My best friend is my older brother because he helps me out a lot and prepares me for life.”

Jaqueline values her friends.

“They are important to me because they help me out and they're there for me,” Jacqueline said.

A great memory Jacqueline had with her friends was going to the park.

“We talked a lot and played around on the equipment,” Jacqueline said.

Friend Ashley Morales’s first impression of Jacqueline was how kind she is.

“Jacqueline checks up on people, shares her things, and motivates me and others,” Ashley said. “My best moment with Jacqueline was when we went to the Fair together. It was so fun because we walked around and talked about many things. She even bought me food, and we got on so many rides. Jacqueline is also funny and kind!”

Nathalie Garcia first noticed how shy Jacqueline can be.

"We didn't talk much, which made it awkward, but now we talk more and are good friends," Nathalie said. "She gives advice, helps others, and is a caring person."

Profile written by Nayomy Reyna.

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Jacqueline Espinoza