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Haylei Alford

Haylei Alford, Reporter

With a joyful smile, Haylei Alford, 8th, talks to her classmates at her table, while also focusing on her work, and being friendly.

Haylei would describe herself as an extroverted, outgoing, and friendly person.

“I like being myself around others, having a fun time, trying new things, and I’m always there for my friends,” Haylei said. “I love being with my friends, but I also LOVE my alone time and being by myself.”

Haylei’s best strength is resilience.

“Life’s too short to care about things you can’t change so accepting things and moving on are easy for me,” Haylei said.

Haylei has lots of good memories with her family.

“My best memory was when we were going to a lake but kept getting lost, so it took FOREVER to go, but the car ride with everyone was the best,” Haylei said.

Haylei and her family have many similarities, but there are two differences she has as well.

“The music I listen to and the shows I watch are completely different from my family,” Haylei said. “I don't think it's a good or bad thing.”

Haylei has many best friends that she values a lot.

“My friends are as important as my phone,” Haylei said. “I love them so much!”

Her cousin Zoey is one of Haylei’s best friends.

“Even if she’s my family, Zoey is everything a best friend is,” Haylei said. “A great memory was when me and my friend were on Facetime, and we stayed up super late laughing and playing games together because late night face times are always the best.”

Friend Harlow Todd’s first impression of Haylei was that she seemed scared to talk.

“After the first time we talked, I discovered how funny Haylei is, and we matched energy so well,” Harlow said. "One of my favorite memories is going to Walmart with her and Maria before church. We were by ourselves, so we were running around and having a lot of fun."

Harlow appreciates what a good friend Haylei has become.

“Haylei always listens when you need someone and will let you cry on her shoulder,” Harlow said. "We've have moments where we laugh so hard we end up on the floor,” Harlow said.

Maria Reyes’s first impression of Haylei was that she was very kind and funny.

"Haylei always puts others before herself and is always there to cheer someone up when they need it,” Maria said.

Keily Monroy likes how funny Haylei is and fun to be around.

“Haylei is a good listener and gives good advice when someone needs it,” Keily said. "My favorite memory was during football season because we got to spend time together doing something we both enjoy."

Profile written by Nathalie Garcia.

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Haylei Alford