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Kaybreigh Waldon

Kaybreigh Waldon, Reporter

As the teacher talks, Kaybreigh Waldon, 8th, writes “Hello Kitty” on her hand as her mind wanders.

A flaw Kaybriegh would like to eliminate is being late to school.

“My attendance should be healthy,” Kaybriegh said.

The bravest thing Kaybreigh ever did was ride her brother Zachariah’s dirt bike.

“It looked fun, and I went full throttle,” Kaybreigh said. “I was close to wrecking, but I didn’t.”

Something Kaybreigh would like to do is fly first class because it sounds fun.

“I would also like to dance because my aunt liked to, and we had many things in common,” Kaybreigh said.

Speaking of family, Kaybreigh likes having siblings, especially her older sister Rylee.

“They can make you happy when you are not in the mood,” Kaybreigh said. “A great memory was when me and my siblings and family all had a get together because it was a good memory to cherish.”

Kaybreigh’s Aunt Shiloh is important to her.

“She influenced me to be successful and caring in life, and I am going to follow in her footsteps,” Kaybreigh said.

Kaybreigh’s best friend is Nadina Elliott.

“She is very sweet and cheers me up when I am upset,” Kaybreigh said. “My friends are so important that I would swim across the sea for them.”

Nadina’s first impression of Kaybreigh was that she’s always been super high-energy and sweet.

“My favorite moment with Kaybreigh would be talking, spilling the tea, and walking around with her at school,” Nadina said. “She’s super honest, but in a nice way. Kaybreigh is always going to stand up for the people she loves and will be there when needed.”

Profile written by Charlotte Marr

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Kaybreigh Waldon