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Charlotte Marr

Charlotte Marr, Reporter

Back in 6th grade, Charlotte Marr dyed her hair black and sulked around. Now in 8th grade, she is back to being a bubbly blonde.

“I used to be so emo,” Charlotte said. “It was so bad.”

A flaw Charlotte would like to eliminate about herself is over explaining things.

“I talk too much,” Charlotte said.

If she could do anything, Charlotte would like to travel the world.

“The world is very pretty and who wouldn't want to see it?” Charlotte said. “I would also buy my niece a car when she’s old enough because I wanna watch her face light up.”

Friends are important to Charlotte. On a scale of 1-10, she would rate the importance of friendship a ten.

A great memory she has with her friend group is when they went to MLK Park to hang out and set off fireworks on the 4th of July.

“I had set one off and thought it was just supposed to spin,” Charlotte said. “When I did it the first time, it didn’t go up on concrete, so I set it up on the grass with trees, and it went up and almost set the tree on fire! Then everyone kept calling me a blonde.”

Oscar Perez, 8th, is Charlotte’s best friend.

“He's the best person I know, and we better each other when we need to,” Charlotte said.

Oscar’s first impression of Charlotte was that she seemed like a kind and welcoming soul.

“My favorite memory is when we went to the store to buy brownie mix and made a mess in my kitchen; yet, we made the perfect brownies,” Oscar said. “What makes Charlotte a good friend is she listens, is always there for you, and is fun to be around.”

Jaasiel Hernandez also finds Charlotte to be a loyal friend.

“Charlotte is funny, energetic, and just always in a good mood,” Jaasiel said.

Allison Ritchie’s favorite memory with Charlotte was when they barked at cars for fun.

“She listens to me when we talk and is there for me when I’m sad,” Allison said. “She's funny, so + 10 points.”

Profile written by Jace Reinschmiedt

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Charlotte Marr