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Khloe Kolevris

Khloe Kolevris, Reporter

As she checked her makeup through her Chromebook camera, Khloe Kolevris, 8th, got caught by the teacher, rolled her eyes, and got back to work.

A flaw Khloe would like to eliminate is getting mad for no reason.

“It happens out of nowhere –- my mood changes,” Khloe said.

To really know Khloe, people need her side of stories.

“People sometimes stop liking me because they don’t know my perspective,” Khloe said.

Khloe’s best strength is communication.

“I can communicate very clearly and even have a long conversation for a while,” Khloe said.

Other than talking, Khloe also loves her family. Her best memory was when they had long conversations about important topics.

“It stands out because it gave us a better understanding of each other, and we talked about things that we hadn’t learned already,” Khloe said.

Khloe’s dad is important to her.

“He influenced me to be supportive of others, even if I don’t like them,” Khloe said.

Another person Khloe appreciates is her best friend, Alex Valle.

“Alex understands me and always keeps it real,” Khloe said.

Friends are important to Khloe.

“They are the ones I first think about when something is happening,” Khloe said.

A great memory Khloe has is when she fell off a water bounce house with Adrienne.

“The way we fell was funny,” Khloe said.

Friend Athena Guerra’s first expression of Khloe she was just like her -- lots of attitude, funny, and loud.

“My favorite memory with Khloe was in 7th grade when we were on our way back from a volleyball game," Athena said. "We sat by each other on the bus and laughed the whole way back to the school."

Athena believes that Khloe is a good friend because she is funny, sweet, and strong.

"These are just a few things that describe Khloe, and that's why she's my best friend,” Athena said.

Profile written by Justin Lemos De Cruz

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