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Ayden Perkins

Ayden Perkins, Reporter

Originally from Mississippi, Ayden Perkins, 8th, is a tall, caring guy with vibrant brown eyes, short dark brown coarse hair, and a wide friendly smile that stretches across his face.

A flaw Ayden would like to eliminate is caring a little too much.

“People take advantage of me,” Ayden said.

Ayden could do without fake friends and phones.

“They’re not necessities – just distractions,” Ayden said.

The best advice Ayden ever received came from his brother A.J. who encouraged him to do what feels right.

“This was valuable because it helps me to this day,” Ayden said. “A.J. has always been there for me.”

Friends are important to Ayden, and he sees them as family. His best friend since second grade is Hunter Curtis.

“Anytime something happens, we are there for each other,” Ayden said.

KC Martinez, 8th, considers Ayden a good friend.

“He is always enthusiastic,” KC said. “A funny memory is when Ayden and Gyran Ward tried to see who was stronger.”

Christopher Baires Calderon, 8th, first met Ayden in Journalism class.

“We worked on a team project together, and Ayden made us laugh,” Christopher said.

Kayden Odum, 8th, appreciates Ayden’s generosity.

“Ayden loves sharing things without me asking for it,” Kayden said.

Profile written by Christopher Rodas

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Ayden Perkins