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Kayana Black

Kayana Black, Reporter

With her braided hair and dark-brown eyes, Kayana Black, 8th, laughs loudly, flashes her long-red nails, and socializes with people all around her in the hallway.

Kayana’s best strength is not caring what others think about her.

“Why should I care because I'm a beautiful person,” Kayana said.

A flaw Kayana would like to eliminate is being forgetful.

“If something happens, I just forget and let it go by,” Kayana said.

To really know Kayana, people need to understand that she can be a nice person.

“Just don’t get on my nerves,” Kayana said.

As for hobbies, Kayana enjoys being a Raiderette.

“I've been dancing since I was a little girl,” Kayana said. “I get to be a leader and inspire other kids to be on the dance team.”

Kayana’s best friend is Zack Gardner.

“He is always there for me when I need someone to talk to, and he always puts up with me,” Kayana said.

Zailee Thompson’s first impression of Kayana was that she is a loud, happy person.

“Kayana is like a big sister to me and always makes sure I’m straight,” Zailee said.

Tre’Ahna Richardson’s first impression of Kayana back in Kindergarten was that she would make a good friend because she was really nice.

“My favorite memory was 5th period our 6th grade year because Kayana was so funny and kind!” Tre’Ahna said. “She’s a really great friend and loves all her friends a whole lot.”

Profile written by Kaybreigh Waldon.

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Kayana Black