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Pamela Anguiano, Reporter

Long black pretty hair that flows down to her lower back, confident walk that she rarely looks down, and her love for makeup makes Pamela Anguiano, 9th, stand out.

“The bravest thing I have ever done was jump off the roof of my house because my brother made me do it,” Pamela said.

Pamela would describe herself as chill and fun because she enjoys spending time with the people she likes.

“I would describe Pamela as sweet, caring, and a really good person,” Mazie ?, 8th, said.

Pamela is different from her family.

“I am different from my family members because I go on about my day without talking to anyone,” Pamela said. “I just keep my thoughts to myself.

To Pamela, her family is what keeps her going and pushes her to improve.

“The most influential family member is my mom because she is the one teaching me to be better,” Pamela said.

In addition to caring about family, Pamela value friendships.

“My friends are as important as my family because I care about them,” Pamela said.

Profile written by Jennifer Galdamez

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Pamela Anguiano