Teen Journalists Explore Why Girls are Becoming So Violent

Teen Journalists Explore Why Girls are Becoming So Violent

Sky Masterson:
Everyone crowds around as two girls hurl curse words like rocks. One of the girls starts pushing the other and then they just go at it like wild animals — ripping each other’s hair out, throwing punches and kicks. It’s getting out of hand when one of them slams the other’s face into the bench beside her over and over again! They are both bloody and bruised and one may have broken her nose. Does anyone care to stop this fight? No, of course not. Instead, the bystanders just break out their cameras, cheer the girls on, and later send the video to others. If they did try to stop the fight, they would get judged for it, and people would be mad because they didn’t get to see a fight.

Girls are becoming so violent because they don’t want people to think they’re chicken or did not fight out of fear. What girls are actually afraid of is being embarrassed. They fight over small things, too, like what they hate about the other girl, what she did, or who stole someone’s boyfriend. These feelings get all built up inside. Once the girls get face to face, they explode with rage and just want to lash out physically. It’s not just friends who are influencing the girls to resort to violence. Another problem is the parents who do not punish their kids for doing bad things. This leads to teens thinking that fighting is just a normal reaction.

Last April, 16-year-old Amy Joyner-Francis got jumped by classmate Trinity Carr in the bathroom at Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington, Delaware, while two other girls filmed the attack on their cell phones. The rumor was that Amy got jumped because a boy preferred her light black skin to Trinity’s darker color, and Trinity wanted that boy to like her. Amy might not have even liked the boy back, but just because he liked her, she lost her life, and three others face jail time.

Pamela Anguiano:
Girls are becoming so violent because they don’t know how to control themselves at the time or even realize what they are doing. It’s like a demon in their ears tells them what to do. Classmates encourage the violence by yelling things like “Go beat her up!” because they want the entertainment of seeing a good fight. Others even choose to record the fights to post it on social media to entertain even more people and get hyped up.

When Zion Snow and Chakeira Wright filmed their friend punching Amy Joyner-Frances in the chest and head, they were basically recording someone’s death. Now, Trinity Carr has to live the rest of her life knowing that the beating she gave to a girl described as a “peacemaker” led to Amy’s cardiac arrest and death.

Joseph Wines:
Why now a days do girls have to prove themselves? Girls are very ignorant in how they handle certain problems. They are so easily triggered by stupid things like boys, makeup, food, just stupid things. Amy Joyner-Francis was killed over something stupid just like that — a boy. She hit her head on the sink and died later in the hospital from cardiac-arrest from a pre-existing heart condition. So this is how girls today now solve their differences in school? That is crazy! R.I.P. Amy.

Cam’ron White:
The trend of girl fights has swept the nation. In all out honesty, this trend is incredibly stupid and not only unwanted, but also unnecessary. Amy Joyner-Francis lost her life over something stupid, and the three girls who attacked her will only get a slap on the wrist since they are not being tried as adults. Amy’s death was ruled an accident, but what would happen if someone who has that much evil in her heart actually meant to kill someone else? In some ways, this world is going back to the Stone Age.

Alina Khamphavong:
These girl fights are getting so unbelievably out of control. It shouldn’t be a thing. Not only that, but literally no one, NO ONE is helping. Why is this? Why are people just recording on their phones? Those kind of people don’t have the right to feel bad for the victim or say, “Oh, it was horrible. So sad. That girl is amazing.” The bystanders lost that right when they gained actual, horrid amusement from this event by recording the fight and spreading it across the web and being extremely useless to the situation by not helping protect the victim. These kind of people make me so sick! Amy Joyner-Frances died because of a stupid fight over a boy. If this hadn’t happened, she would be alive and well. Happy and Healthy. But, no. She is dead because of the corruption of my generation.

I am no better than others in my generation; however, I choose to not become part of the problem by yelling and whistling to encourage the bashing of a girl. Girl fights shouldn’t be a thing, or be spread on the web. It’s disgusting, and all it does is ruin the reputation of the school that the girls attend.