Mrs. Lara Becomes New Registrar Secretary

All the way from Torrance, California, Kimmons has a new registrar secretary, Mrs. Lara-Sandoval. Mrs. Lara came to Fort Smith because her dad got a job here. Before working at Kimmons Junior High Mrs. Lara worked at the Northside Clinic and has been a secretary for eleven years.

One big challenge that Mrs. Lara faces on a daily basis is multitasking.

“This job consists of many moving pieces,” Mrs. Lara said. “Always being on top of everything and making sure we meet each deadline.”

Although she has challenges to face, Mrs. Lara does like things about Kimmons.

“What I like best about Kimmons so far has been the friendly staff that I work with,” Mrs. Lara said. “Everyone has made me feel very welcomed since day one.”

When people first meet Mrs. Lara, they might not know she has an obsession with certain accessories.

“I am obsessed with handbags like Michael Kors and Coach,” Mrs. Lara said. “I also loves shoes — anything that catches my eye.”

In her free time, Mrs. Lara enjoys exploring.

“I love to spend time with my family and traveling I love seeing the excitement on my kids faces,” Mrs. Lara said. “I’ve been to Florida, Mexico, Disney World, and Sea World.”