Wavy Eyebrows, Painted Lids Become Crazy Trend

Pamela Anguiano creates the wavy eyebrow look on Ivania Lopez.

Pamela Anguiano, Reporter

Makeup is a way to look nice and pretty, but some people have taken it too far! Wavy eyebrows is a current crazy trend. Males and females have transferred their artistic and creative talents to makeup to create beautiful or (as some might say) pointless design.

Julissa Pardo, 9th, does not like the trend of wavy eyebrows.

“It’s weird,” Julissa said. “I wouldn’t do it on myself.”

Although some people dislike the trend, Ivania Lopez thinks otherwise.

“I think that the wavy eyebrow is cool because it’s different than regular makeup,” Ivania said.

Crazy designs like a floral prints or a city skyline are painted on eyelids and lips to look awesome.

Jazmine Gonzales, 9th, likes the idea of painted designs as eyeshadow.

“I think it’s cool that some people can take art and transfer it onto eyelids,” Gonzales said.

Raquel Vaughn, 8th, loves the art but not on herself.

“I wouldn’t wear it because the colors would not go with my skin color,” Raquel said.

Ethan Daosaeng, 9th, admires this makeup art trend.

“Its creative, cool, and awesome,” Ethan said.