Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Holland (Most Determined)


Mrs. Holland has been selected as the Most Determined teacher. A very loud, open, and bubbly person, she loves to speak her mind any time. Mrs. Holland has won many students’ hearts for how she is and because of her great sense of humor. Even some of her former students still say she was their favorite teacher.

Mrs. Holland encourages her students and her dance team to get along with each other.

“I’m determined, as a coach and a teacher, to let my students know they are loved, they are special, and that they can do great thing in their life IF THEY CHOSE to,” Mrs. Holland said. “I may not always be the most positive person, but I try and force my students to be positive and nice to each other.”

For nine years (all at Kimmons), Mrs. Holland has been teaching her favorite subject — social studies.

“I LOVE history, and I really love to be social, so it just combined two of my favorite things,” Mrs. Holland said.

Mrs. Holland’s reaction when she found out about her recognition was that it was an unbelievable honor.

“I was so surprised when Mrs. Fuhrman told me,” Mrs. Holland said. “The first thing I did was hurry and text Mrs. Medlock!”