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Sky Masterson

Sky Masterson, Reporter

Sky Masterson, 8th, is a student athlete who always likes to see the cup half full. Sky is a very bubbly teen and nice just like the character Patrick Star.

Sky has many phenomenal friends on the Volleyball team.

“Me and Sky are friends because we were on the same sport team,” Kalia Hinkle, 8th, said.

Amberlee Burenett is Sky’s all-time best friend because they tend to have the greatest moments with each other and have the same kind of goofiness.

”Amberlee understands me and my humor, and I understand hers,” Sky said.

Sky is in athletics as she plays basketball, volleyball, and track. On or off the field, Sky tends to make everyone happy through every losts. Due to her hyperness she can get hurt sometimes, but karma has their way of round things.

“My favorite memory of Sky and I was when Sky got hit with a volleyball by a girl from Alma,” Kelly Soundra, 8th, said. “Sky got so hurt really bad, so I got a volleyball and hit the Alma girl back. This memory is special because this is when Sky and I became really close.”

Sky’s all-time favorite cartoon character is Patrick Starr.

“Patrick Starr is clumsy and funny just like me,” Sky said.

Profile written by Crystal Barroso

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Sky Masterson