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Ikeilah Rodriguez, Reporter

The out going, good grade earning, taco loving Ikeilah Rodriguez, 8th, wants to learn a new language while traveling the world.

“I would describe myself as a smart student,” ikeilah said. “If I were an animal, I would be an eagle because they have foresight like I do.”

One surprising fact about Ikeilah is that she is multiracial and reads the Bible.

“I read the Bible because it corrects you whenever you make a or several bad mistakes,” Ikeilah said.

Before Ikeilah dies, she would love to go to a beach party. Her best accomplishment in life so far is that she has read more books than she expected.

Family means a lot to Ikeilah especially her grandma.

“My grandma and I went to an International convention in Arlington, Texas, where people wore dresses in their native attire,” Ikeilah said. “What stood out was the unity and love.”

Ikeilah’s cousin, Jenna Newton, 8th, describes her as a very sweet, smart, and outgoing girl.

“Ikeilah gives me compliments all the time,” Jenna said.

In addition to family, Ikeilah values her friends, even though she listens to different music than they do.

“My best friend is Elizabeth ? because she always puts a smile on my face,” Ikeilah said.

Ikeilah wouldn't want to change her life.

“I'm happy the way it is,” Ikeilah said.

Profile written by Laisha Zarate

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Ikeilah Rodriguez