Freshmen Reflect on Classes at Kimmons

In comparison to 7th and 8th grade classes, freshman year offers even bigger challenges.

“My most challenging class is Geometry,” Julia Thai said. “It’s not the learning but just how much homework Ms. Lloyd gives and the constant tests.”

Shelby Hartwig also finds Geometry to be her most difficult class.

“There is homework every day in Geometry,” Shelby said.

In addition to Geometry, Giovanni Hernandez finds Science to be most tough class.

“My most challenging class is Science because, even though I have an A in there, it is still challenging, and I have to try really hard,” Giovanni said.

Despite having difficult classes, these freshmen have teachers who inspired them.

“Mr. Ha inspires me the most because he gave me private lessons after school and that led me to getting First Band-Second Choir in All-Region,” Giovanni said.

The teacher who inspires Julia the most is also in the music department.

“Mr. Hansen gives such good advice and inspirational pep talks that truly force me to be a better person,” Julia said. “He constantly tells us to either step up or grow up.”

For Shelby, it is a core teacher instead.

“Mrs. Irvin inspires me because she likes English and has a good life meaning,” Shelby said.

To relieve stress, freshmen hang out with friends at C lunch.

“I hang out with my homies Jaq, Jess, Kobe, Joan, both Marias, Giselle, and Ale,” Julia said.

Giovanni and Shelby also have a certain group they bond with at lunch.

“At lunch, I eat with G.O.A.L.S. (me, Ori, Abby, Litzy, and Shelby), plus Jennifer and J.T.,” Giovanni said. “We just eat and be weird and make each other laugh with our crazy/weird sounding laughs.”

With their time at Kimmons coming to a close, each of these freshmen has something they will miss.

“I will miss orchestra the most because I am not going to be in it next year,” Julia said.

No doubt Shelby will miss Kimmons, too.

“The Raider Reps is something that I can look forward to every single day,” Shelby said.

Giovanni will also miss the Raider Reps.

“I going to miss the Raiders Reps and Ms. Ehnle because I’ve been in it since 7th grade,” Giovanni said. “I’ve had so much fun being in a leadership group and making new friends.”