Mrs. Macon Moves from Education Program Creator to Discipline Secretary


Pamela Anguiano

Mrs. Macon

Pamela Anguiano, Reporter

Before becoming Kimmons’ new discipline secretary, Mrs. Macon had a whole different career. She previously worked for a non-profit organization called The Crisis Intervention Center as a prevention education specialist. She created education programs to prevent domestic and dating violence and sexual assault on teenagers.

Although she loves what she does, Mrs. Macon also has challenges in being a school secretary.

“The biggest challenge is not to get too comfortable because things will change,” Mrs. Macon said. “In the past few days, I’ve learned that things are never the same. Every day is a new day.”

Besides having her challenges, Mrs. Macon loves to take voyages.

“I love going to concerts and have seen Beyonce and Rihanna perform,” Mrs Macon said. “I also love to travel to Mexico, California, and Las Vegas.”

Mrs. Macon grew up in Conway but is originally from Hamburg, Arkansas.

“I have a big family and am the youngest of ten kids,” Mrs. Macon said.

So far, Mrs. Macon has loved working as a secretary at Kimmons.

“I love the diversity here,” Mrs. Macon said. “It’s nice seeing kids from different backgrounds and nationalities.”