Deranged Gunman Kills Five and Wounds Eight in Northern California


Shots rang out throughout Rancho Tehama Reserve in Northern California in mid November, resulting in terrifying gasps of onlookers and parents wondering what was happening in their community. After killing his wife and burying her body under the floorboards at their home, Kevin Neal, 43, went on to kill two neighbors. Next, he crashed his car into someone and opened fire as they got out, killing one. He also wounded a woman and one of her two kids as she was driving them to school. Then Neal rammed into the gate of an elementary school full of little kids and opened fire with his semiautomatic weapon. Before police ran Neal off the road, he had killed five people and wounded eight others. He shot himself, maybe to avoid facing consequences. Family members said Neal suffered from delusions and mental problems.

Thankfully this deranged killer is no longer alive and killed no one at the elementary school. This tragic event could’ve gone worse if the teachers at Rancho Tehama Elementary hadn’t acted quickly by getting the kids inside the building and putting the school into lockdown as soon they heard the shots. More tragic innocent deaths could have happened. The families of the innocent people who died will want justice for what Neal did.