New Student Council Officers Have High Hopes for Kimmons

After candidates campaigned at lunch, gave speeches over the intercom, and students voted in Social Studies classes through Google forms, Student Council has new officers. Eight students vied for the spot of president and a run-off vote had to be done when it came down to two final candidates. Each candidate had to secure two teacher recommendations, create campaign posters with clever slogans, and had the option of working the lunch crowd and handing out candy.

Austin Manylath, 8th, is the new Student Council president. He was first inspired to run in the sixth grade at Spradling and thought he should try again at Kimmons.

“When I heard I won, I was pretty excited and nervous because I didn’t have a plan,” Austin said.

As a new president, Austin has goals that he wants to accomplish.

“My goal as president is to keep the school together in a good way so that Kimmons can be the best it can be,” Austin said.

Nariyah Church, 8th, is the new vice president. She felt surprised when she was announced as winner.

“It was kind of a shock because I have never been in an election before,” Nariyah said.

While campaigning, Nariya posted on social media to get votes. She hopes to improve Kimmons so that “everybody would want to move here.”

“I was inspired to run because I felt like I wanted to get involved more in school so people can know more,” Nariyah said.

The new secretary is Yanelli Gonzalez. Her campaign slogan was “There’s a minion reasons to vote Yanelli.”

The new treasurer is Mariela Cruz.

“When I heard I won, I was happy and excited for this year’s student council,” Mariela said. “I love helping in many ways.”

Mariela had a creative way to gain votes and has clear goals as treasurer.

“I made four posters saying ‘Vote for Mariela Cruz. It just makes cents’ and ‘Count on someone who can count,’” Mariela said. “My goal is to take care of the money we earn and create fundraisers that everybody will enjoy.”