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Alina Khamphavong, Reporter

Creative, shy, and mischievous Alina Khamphavong, 9th, loves to make her friends laugh and always finds a way to show off her creativity.

“I’m silent and obedient on the outside, spontaneous and happy on the inside,” Alina said.

“I would describe Alina as sarcastic, very, very sarcastic, chill, funny, and creative,” Emilea Riva, 8th, said.

Alina’s creative side is a big part of her personality.

“I’m slowly achieving my goal of being an awesome artist and it keeps me going,” Alina said.

Alina has been studying art for four years and has even won an art contest, but none of it would have happened if it wasn’t for her brother.

“My brother inspired me to draw,” Alina said.

One of Alina’s fondest memories are with her brother when she went to visit her brother’s military because they really connected.

“She has a really good heart and can always make me laugh,” Jazmine Gonzales, 8th, said.

Profile written by Molly Conroy

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Alina Khamphavong