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Nathalie Garcia Mendoza

Nathalie Garcia Mendoza, Reporter

While quietly sitting in her chair, Nathalie Garcia, 8th, does her work and talks with others around her with a pleasant smile.

Nathalie would describe herself as a laid-back person.

“I just act very calm and relaxed,” Nathalie said.

Nathalie’s best strength would be caring for others, being able to let go of things, and moving on.

“I always try to help others, and I don't hold grudges,” Nathalie said.

One thing on Nathalie’s Bucket List is to go skydiving because it is something she has always wanted to do ever since she was a kid. She is also interested in traveling.

“I’ll get to see and experience beautiful things,” Nathalie said.

Lastly, Nathalie would also be focused on getting herself her own car.

“Then, I can go wherever I want without having to worry about someone driving me around,” Nathalie said.

Someone Nathalie gets along with is her sister.

“She is the only one I can truly be myself around,” Nathalie said. “The best advice she ever gave me was to not let things get to me. It helped me become more independent in a way.”

Nathalie values her friends so much because they are everything to her.

“They are funny, pretty, caring, and supportive,” Nathalie said.

Friend Jacqueline Espinoza’s first impression of Nathalie was that she seemed nice yet shy.

"My favorite memory is when we had fun together at the Fair," Jacqueline said. "Nathalie is a good friend because she is always there for me."

Friend Brittney Duangvilay’s best moment with Nathalie was when she would knock over her crackers at lunch.

"Nathalie is sweet because she always brings me breakfast," Brittney said.

Nayomy Reyna, 8th, likes how energetic Nathalie is.

"My favorite memory is when we ate junk food and talked about the latest drama," Nayomy said. “Nathalie is always there for me and gives me good advice. I love her so much!”

Profile written by Wendi Mejia Beltran.

All content by Nathalie Garcia Mendoza
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Nathalie Garcia Mendoza