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Christopher Baires Calderon

Christopher Baires Calderon, Reporter

The friendly Christopher Baires Calderon, 8th, sat at his team table and talked about the Journalism project.

Christopher would describe himself as a very chill person because he does not really like to go outside.

“I could do without my phone and my ps4 because I spend too much on my electronics,” Christopher said.

The bravest thing Christopher ever did was jump off a large cliff into the water.

“My cousin inspired me to do it,” Christopher said.

Friend Ayden Perkins' first impression of Christopher was that he was nice.

“He’s also funny,” Ayden said.

Christopher prefers being inside and very chill.

“I don't really like to go outside,” Christopher said.

Even though Christopher seems like the person to enjoy being alone, he also enjoys being with family.

“My best memory is when my uncle took me to the park,” Christopher said. “It stands out because he was the only one that ever took me to the park when I was five.”

The best advice Christopher ever received came from his big cousin who encouraged him to never give up.

“This was valuable because he was the only one who helped me in my hard time,” Christopher said.

Besides valuing relationships with family, Christopher also values his friends.

“My best friend is Danile Sanches because he is funny,” Christopher said.

KC Martinez’s first impression of Christopher was that he seemed weird.

“Me and him were both together after school and had a lot of fun because we both acted stupid,” KC said. “He is a friend I can act true around.”

Profile written by Khloe Kolevris

All content by Christopher Baires Calderon
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Christopher Baires Calderon