Spotlight: Mr. Horton (Leadership)


In the hallways or outside, you might catch a glimpse of Bruce Horton diligently cleaning or mowing. Mr. Horton has been chosen for the May spotlight for leadership.

“The best leaders are always willing to help others, and Bruce is always willing to help others,” Assistant Principal Wilbanks said.

Mr. Horton has worked at KJH for twenty years.

“Bruce works very hard to make our school the cleanest and safest it can be,” Assistant Principal Meyers said.

Although occasionally reaching challenges in his job, Mr. Horton’s resilience pushes through, especially after head custodian Perry Cottingham went on early retirement.

“I have to make sure everything goes well,” Mr. Horton said. “If it doesn’t go smoothly, I hope for the best and go for it.”

Mr. Horton’s main influence and motivation come from the students.

“I love doing what I do for the kids, so they can learn in the best way,” Mr. Horton said.

Because of his three kids at home, Mr. Horton feels bliss around the students.

“It makes me feel good when the students feel good,” Mr. Horton said. “They always tell me thank you, and it motivates me to be even better at what I do.”

Mr. Horton’s leadership not only reaches students and staff, but fellow custodians as well.

“You have to set a good example, and then everyone will learn to follow that good example,” Mr. Horton said.