Video Game Review: Overwatch


The video game Overwatch is a multi-platform shooter game that allows players to have individual character options to choose from, such as Tracer the time traveler, Widowmaker the shooter, and Roadhog. Overwatch features a wide variety of maps to play on second, which are very beautiful. The oceans have the right amount of pizzazz to really make players go “Wow!” The specific details of the map, such as porcelain bridges and roof tiles on homes, really immerse players into the game. The swift and unique movements of each character shows how amazing Blizzard and the Company are at their jobs. Overwatch is appropriate for gamers ages 14 and up. The characters’ outfits aren’t too skimpy; yet, kids under 13 may be too immature to play.

The controls of the gaming system are complex but not to so much that players cannot navigate the game. There are unique “special attack” buttons that can only be used when the meter is full. The quick melee attack is on the V key. There’s no fall damage, but experienced gamers should still take on the challenge.

Rating: 9 out of 10