Most Memorable Spring Breaks


Alina Khamphavong and Halen Coyle

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the beeping and honking of cars hurrying out of town can be heard all around. Late at night, bonfires ablaze. In the morning, the ocean dances to the sound of bird tweets. How do you spend your spring break?

Students have gained sweet memories from their previous spring breaks.

“My most memorable break was when I traveled to L.A. and went to a JAY-Z and Kanye West concert,” Jayden Dilworth, 7th, said.

Damarius Davis, 8th, has also traveled out of the state.

“I went to Florida over the spring break, and it was paradise!” Damarius said.

Jason Guerra, 7th, also vacationed in Florida last year.

“I went to the beach and went shopping,” Jason said.

Jaylei Bolton, 8th, remembered a funny moment during spring break 2014.

“I saw my dad try to ice skate, and he tackled five people,” Jaylei said.

Taylor Pritchett, 9th, also had an unusual memory.

“My fourth grade year, I fell out of a hot air balloon and broke my wrist, leg, and three ribs,” Taylor said.

Jaylin Sysomphou, 7th, had an emotional Spring Break.

“Last year when I lived in Houston, my mom and dad were going through a custody battle,” Jaylin said. “They finally let my words mean something.”

While some experienced trauma, others volunteered their time to help other teens.

“I was at the Salvation Army helping with their Vacation Bible Study,” Ta’Mya Buford, 7th, said. “It helps me to know I’m making kids who don’t have much happy.”

Some students stayed local this year.

“I spent Spring Break babysitting my cousin,” Kaitlin Dodson, 9th, said.

Finally, spring break doesn’t have to be anything special. All that matters is that you have fun on your few days away from school, right?

“I watched Netflix and ate cheese balls,” Jayden Dilworth, 7th, said, “They’re reaaaall gooood!”