Featured Student Artists

From creating abstract art, sculpting, or designing to writing poetry, dancing, and acting, art comes in all sorts of diverse and expressive ways! These featured artists have become accustomed to the art of creating . . . art.

Eighth grader Josue Hernandez’s favorite form is sculpting.

“Sculpting is a way to bring your thoughts to life and express your imagination,” Josue said.

Shaila Dawson, 7th, prefers drawing.

“I love to see the written version of an artist’s work,” Shaila said. “It’s a way to express your creativity.”

Other than showcasing talent, art is also a way to reveal something about yourself.

“My art says that I am creative because I like to make new designs for characters,” Jason Lopez, 7th, said.

Daniela Amador, 8th, also sees art as a form of self expression.

“My art is who I am — very creative,” Daniela said. “I just think of something and draw it.”

Every artist has different inspirations or art role models, whether it be a famous Renaissance artist or their middle school art teacher.

“Mr. Graham inspires me the most because he has such amazing drawings, and he gives me great advice,” Shaila said.

Sometimes the art itself provides inspiration.

“What inspires me most is seeing cool artwork and knowing that if I can get that good, I, too, can make great art,” Jason Lopez, 7th, said.

Artists do not have to limit themselves to one form of inspiration.

“I’m inspired by artists I see on the internet,” Jessi Valentin, 9th, said. “They spend night and day practicing to get where they are now. One day I hope to reach up there.”

For some, a life without art would be difficult to live.

“There would be no way to express your imagination, and the shapes and colors you see in your head would be trapped forever,” Josue said.

Jessi feels that life without art would be colorless.

“Clothing wouldn’t have any pattern or matching color. People wouldn’t be able to express themselves, and the world would lose happiness,” Jessi said.