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Halen Coyle, Reporter

Halen Coyle, 8th, has blonde hair and is nice and funny. Her best strength is how well she gets along with others.

“I don’t judge people, and I’m willing to work with anybody,” Halen said.

People would be surprised to know that Halen doesn’t have much energy.

“I’m so tired when I’m so young,” Halen said. “I hang out with Paige Silva until midnight, or I’m on my phone all night,” Halen said.

Paige and Halen first met in 7th grade when Halen was a new student.

“Halen walked in as a new student, and I said, ‘Hey, you my new friend!’ and we have been best friends ever since,” Paige said.

Halen has a few things she could do without.

“I could go without school and school lunches,” Halen said. “School is boring and sometimes the food is nasty.”

Profile written by Shayla Adkisson

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Halen Coyle