Mr. Verge’s Journey from Football to Music


Mr. Verge

Having just completed his bachelor’s degree from University of Central Arkansas, Mr. Verge has become the new Orchestra teacher here. Being a novice teacher has not stopped him from having high expectations for his students.

“I hope to have the most successful junior high orchestra program in the state,” Mr. Verge said.

First, Mr. Verge must overcome one hurdle.

“The biggest challenge is remembering everyone’s names,” Mr. Verge said. “I’m sorry. I’m trying!”

A multi-talented man, Mr. Verge can play the violin, cello, and bass, but his main instrument is the viola.

“I first started playing viola in 5th grade, and when I moved to Rogers, Arkansas, from Kansas, I kept going,” Mr. Verge said. “I am also a semi-percussionist, but nowhere near Mr. Ha level, though.”

In Rogers, Mr. Verge studied Orchestra with his mentors, Mr. and Mrs. Lane who inspired him to become a teacher.

“My family went through some hard times while I was going through junior high and high school, and Mr. and Mrs. Lane gave me encouragement and support while applying to colleges,” Mr. Verge said. “They helped me see a future in education.”

An interesting fact about Mr. Verge is that after he graduated high school, he was offered a football scholarship to Pitt State University in Kansas.

“I love playing and watching sports like football and baseball because friendly competition and teamwork is the easiest way to connect to people,” Mr. Verge said.

Outside of school, Mr. Verge enjoys entertainment.

“I love going to concerts and music festivals because there’s an energy from live music that you can’t get from a recording,” Mr. Verge said.

In his new surroundings, Mr. Verge is ready to teach and even learn from his new students.

“I love how friendly the students and fellow teachers are,” Mr. Verge said. “A school is like a family, and it’s sometimes tough to accept a new person into your family, but with me that wasn’t the case,” Mr. Verge said. “I feel very welcome and already love being a part of this.