Mrs. Walker Takes on GATE


Mrs. Walker

From Mena, Arkansas, and with degrees from UAFS and Arkansas Tech, Mrs. Walker still absolutely loves teaching after thirteen years. Mrs. Walker previously taught at Woods Elementary School. Here she has taken over the Gifted and Talented (GATE) program.

Mrs. Walker thought about being a teacher from a very young age.

“I would play school with my stuffed animals,” Mrs. Walker said.

The one who inspired Mrs. Walker was her 10th grade history teacher, Mr. Mannon.

“Mr. Mannon would get so excited about what he was telling us that he would slobber,” Mrs. Walker said. “I thought it was really great that he was so passionate about what he taught that it made me want to listen to what he was so excited to tell us.”

Mrs. Walker enjoys running.

“Running makes me feel good and relieves stress,” Mrs. Walker said.

A surprising fact about Mrs. Walker is that she and her husband have a Harley motorcycle, and they like to go on road trips together.

“I would put all the biker gear on — jacket, chaps, bandanna, and boots,” Mrs. Walker said. “I have seen people I know, and they don’t recognize me.”

Mrs. Walker has specific goals for this school year.

“I want to learn all the new things that come with my job,” Mrs. Walker said. “There is so much! I also want to try to get more students to join GATE and to build a strong quiz bowl team.”