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Anisha Hatton

Anisha Hatton, reporter

Anisha Hatton, 9th, is a bold young lady whose personality will entertain all.  This class clown will remind you of hyper comedian Kevin Hart.

"The best thing about ninth grade is being the big kid of the school," Anisha said.

Anisha is a caring person for others and likes being like a role model.

"People should know that Anisha is very energetic people person who is smart, loving, kind, and willing to go the extra mile to help people," Rhonda Forte, Anisha's mother, said.

Anisha is also helpful to others no matter what.

"Anisha is a great listener whether she wants to or not," Alisha Hatley, Anisha's sister, said.  "She helps me by supporting my goals and dreams."

Anisha's best friend is freshman Ashley Hart.

"Ashley De'Ann Hart is my best friend because she is intelligent, not messy, wants to be something, and makes me happy," Anisha said.  "I've known Ashley since 6th grade, and we plan to be friends until we die."

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Anisha Hatton