Seventh Graders Experience Post-It Note Poetry

Seventh grade language arts classes celebrated National Poetry Month at the Windsor Branch Library in April. As part of the Post-It Note Poetry event, students posted poetry on windows of the library, read each other’s work, and wrote comments.

Mrs. Medlin, 7th grade language arts teacher, enjoyed her experience with her students and their creativity.

“Mrs. McFarland’s and my classes had been studying figurative language and poetry,” Mrs. Medlin said. “Our students wrote several different types of poetry. We had them choose their favorite original poem to write on a post-it. Then, they added their notes to the display at the library. Next, they spent time reading others’ poetry, browsing the display, and exploring other parts of the library.”

Students gave positive comments about the experience.

“It was fun because we got to share our poetry,” Checotah Benton said.

In addition to sharing, students liked getting to express themselves.

“It’s one way to show your emotion and let people know how you feel,” Taylor Prichett said.

Students welcomed the change of pace.

“Most of them seemed to really enjoy doing something a little different,” Mrs. Medlin said. “They were able to express themselves, so whether it was a rap or a haiku, they enjoyed having the freedom to choose the type of poetry that they liked the best. They also really enjoyed sharing their poetry with their peers and getting some recognition for their original work.”