Students Compete at UA’s Razorback Technology Challenge

Andres Rivas, Jaden Chadwick, Sabino Anguiano, and Kaleb Josenberger work together on the Problem Design Challenge.

Anisha Hatton, reporter

At the University of Fayetteville, Mr. Tierney’s Technology students applied their skills and talents in competition for the Razorback Technology Challenge. TSA members competed in the CO2 Dragster Design competition which involved racing their cars against almost 100 other TSA students from Arkansas and Oklahoma. They also participated in the Design Challenge Problem Solving event.

“The Problem Solving Challenge was the most difficult due to the fact that there was a time restriction,” Kaleb Josenberger, 8th, said. “We had to have a solution before time was called. We felt a lot of pressure.”

Mr. Tierney, TSA sponsor, said that the students were enjoying themselves.

“Although they did not win, the students did post very good times in the dragster race,” Mr. Tierney said.

In addition to having fun, the students also gained experience from the competition.

“The students have the opportunity to see what other students are doing and see the caliber of work done by other students,” Mr. Tierney said. “They also get to participate in teams against other teams and discover what it means to problem solve together. The participants walk away knowing what they need to work on to get better.”