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Krislyn Edwards

Krislyn Edwards, reporter

Krislyn Edwards, 8th, is a jokester who loves to do daring things and have fun.

"I would describe myself as bad but awesome," Krislyn said.

Krisln's daring side carries over into time spent with family.

"The time I went mudding stands out because it was the funniest thing I did with my mom and her boyfriend," Krislyn said.

Tonya Releford, Krislyn's aunt, remembered a funny movie experience with Krislyn.

"We went to see The Lego Movie, and Krislyn brought some legos and yelled 'I have that one!' every time one popped up that she had," Ms. Releford said.  "She only had two."

According to Krislyn's step mom, Pamela Shephard, Krislyn is also helpful around the house.

"Krislyn volunteered to watch her two baby sisters while I went out," Mrs. Shephard said.

In addition to family, Krislyn values friendships.

"Friends are important to me because when you don't have confidence, you can go to your friends and they will lift you up," Krislyn said.

Krislyn's best friend, Megan Alday, shared a fun experience.

"During the summer, we drove the go-cart at night and ran over a speed bump," Megan said.

Written by Anisha Hatton

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Krislyn Edwards