Making Vines

Anisha Hatton, reporter

Making a vine is tons of fun! With 10 million downloads and hilarious people, there is a guarantee that your day will never be boring. With many catch phrases such as “Or nah,” “On Fleek,” “Bring that here, Boy,” “Ooh he stealin’,” and “Look at all those chickens,” vines have risen to the top. I feel like they will continue to grow in popularity.

I can’t deny that some vines are really crazy and show signs of immaturity, but for the most part, they lighten a day of darkness and bring life to a dead atmosphere. The diversity in vines causes some people to believe that vines are made to criticize others. To me, if I be honest, the joke behind the vine shows the difference that each culture brings, so it is not such a bad or offensive thing as some people set out for it to be.

Mightyduck, a viner, has many people on the edge with his, “Ooh he stealin'” vines. These feature random people in a store. Mightduck comes up to them when they are looking at something, and when they pick the item up, he makes a scene by shouting out that they are stealing. Most people already know who he is and go along with the joke, but there are some people who do not take the joke quite so well.

A few examples of some of my other favorite viners are SimoneShephard, ReggieCOUZ, and myself. One thing about all of these viners are that they take the chances on humiliation to create videos for everyone to enjoy. All you have to do is go to your Google Play or App Store, type in ‘Vine”, press the search and download buttons, sign up, and make your seven seconds of fun time be known to the world!