Football Spirit Week Brings out Creativity

At the end of the Pep Rally, footballers attempt the kick line.

Motivated students ransacked their closets and threw clothes on the floor as they tried to find the perfect outfit for the first day of Spirit Week. By 8 a.m., students with suspenders, taped-up glasses, and high-waisted pants entered their first-period classrooms.

“I wanted to dress up as a nerd because I knew that no matter what anyone wore, we would not be made fun of,” America Cruz, 8th, said. “It was actually fun to see all the goofy outfits and how our creativity showed.”

Tuesday’s “Twinkie Day” meant the halls filled with pairs of students dressed alike (other than Anisha Hatton, 9th, who pinned actual Twinkie’s all over her shirt).

“Magadelena Castillo and I planned to be twins last year the day after Twinkie Day,” Bernice Garcia, 8th, said. “I picked her because many people have confused the two of us when seeing either of us from behind.”

Bright, electrifying neon colors exploded on Wednesday, followed by the traditional red and black on Thursday’s Spirit Day. At 2:30, students piled into the gym for the Pep Rally where the Band played, cheerleaders built stunts, Raiderettes danced, and the coaches introduced their teams.

“The Raiderettes did an outstanding job at the Pep Rally!” Mrs.Holland, Dance Coach, said. “This was the first dance a Raiderette squad choreographed … Ever!”

That night students met up at Northside’s Mayo-Thompson stadium to cheer on the football boys in their game against Darby. On Friday, students and teachers showed their younger sides with Character day.

“Spirit Week 2014 was awesome!” Mrs. English, Student Council Sponsor, said. “Students showed their excitement by dressing up each day. My favorite was Character Day because I could see the creativity of KJH.”