Dancing Sensation

The amazing 11-year-old hip hop dancer, Taylor Hatala of Canada, has become very popular with her viral video dance routine to Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Base.”  She first got noticed back in September when she danced to Nikki Minaj’s “Anaconda.” To just be 11, you must believe that it takes all of her time, hard work, and dedication.  She practices three hours a day, every day, after finishing her homework.

Taylor is attentive to her dancing. Anyone can do this, but to be on the level that Taylor is on, you must be dedicated, work hard, and practice, and that takes time to do. She will be doing more and more as time goes on, and if you do as she has done, which doesn’t have to be dancing, but being dedicated and hard working, then one day we might read and write about you as an inspiring teen.