Foreign Language Students Savor the Taste of La Chandeleur

In Mrs. Pierce’s French and Spanish classes, students celebrated the French holiday La Chandeleur on Feb. 5 by cooking and eating crepes. Some eaten practiced the French custom of tossing a coin for good luck while flipping the crepe in its pan.

Several things needed to happen to prepare for this special event.

“The night before, I made the first batch of crepe batter and the cream and chocolate fillings,” Mrs. Pierce said.

Students enjoyed themselves while making and eating crepes.

“Flipping the crepe was my favorite part because it was fun to see if it would make it back into the pan or not,” Kassidy Sayovong, 9th, said.

Several participants appreciated the cultural connection.

“I feel like making crepes was a small and overly-delicious window to see a bit of what the French culture is like,” Karen Castro, 9th, said. “My favorite part was eating the crepes, of course! It was as if we were eating a small piece of French culture held in our own hands.”