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Ivania Lopez
Ivania Lopez, 9th, is a short, dark-haired, loud, outgoing Hispanic girl who has lots of energy.

“I would describe Ivania as loud but funny,” Sky Masterson, 8th, said. “In 7th grade science, Ivania was always loud and yelling at Mr. Jones.”

Ivania’s favorite time is mostly spent with her friends. Crystal Barroso, 8th, remembered playing indoor soccer in 7th grade P.E. class.

“We were on the same team, and all we did was win,” Crystal said.

Ivania has some challenges at home with her younger siblings.

“We don’t get along very well,” Ivania said. “We fight all the time and stay in trouble.”

Even though she struggles to bond with her younger siblings, Ivania does value her family.

“Friends and family are important because without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today,” Ivania said. “They are there in tough times and in hard times. The best advice I ever received from a family member is to ‘never give up’ because if you give up then you have nothing.”

Profile written by Kaleb McDonald

Ivania Lopez, Reporter

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Ivania Lopez