Mrs. Dunn Readies for Retirement

Mrs. Dunn, who has been teaching for 34 years in total, will be retiring at the end of the school year. Mrs Dunn she has worked at three schools: Ozark, Mulberry, and Arkansas Tech University.

In her five years here, Mrs. Dunn has made many memories.

“My best memory of KJH is the first time a student left me a thank you note that said I had made a difference,” Mrs. Dunn said. “For me, the most important part of teaching is helping students realize that they are important and can reach goals.”

Mrs. Dunn has made many friends at here that will be sad to see her go.

“I will greatly miss Mrs. Dunn’s flexibility in the classroom with anything that may arise,” Ms. Munsell said. “She is very quick to provide visuals and assistance when the students need clarification and always has time to listen to anyone, whether it be a student or faculty. She has such a positive outlook on life that people are drawn to her. Her smile and sense of humor will always be remembered.”

Dr. Rathbun appreciates Mrs. Dunn’s for her hard work she has done as a reading teacher.

“Mrs. Dunn is able to connect with any students and get them to work for her,” Dr. Rathbun said. “She is an amazing reading teacher and is always looking for ways to reach her students.”

Mrs. Dunn has plans for her retirement life.

“I plan to read, spend time time with my family and dogs, travel a little, and of course, what I do every day — laundry,” Mrs Dunn said.