Staff Spotlight: Mr. Perry Cottingham


Dedication and perseverance is what one needs to be at a job for so long, and Mr. Perry Cottingham has shown that by his 30 years as a custodian at Kimmons Junior High. Three decades may seem like a lot to some people, but to Mr. Cottingham, it’s not when he’s doing what he enjoys.

“What I like best about this job are the people,” Mr Cottingham said. “Over the years, I have seen so many different staff members and students come through these doors. It has been a joy to know them.”

Mr. Morris, Social Studies teacher, has worked with Mr. Cottingham for seventeen years.

“Even with his physical disabilities, Perry maintains a can-do attitude and a positive outlook,” Mr. Morris said.

Along with technology teacher Mr. Tierney, Mr. Morris eats lunch with Mr. Cottingham and the other custodians each day.

“We tell jokes, share lots of laughs, and enjoy the camaraderie,” Mr. Morris said.

Before Kimmons, Mr. Cottingham worked at a nursing home.

“Working with the older people was nice, and you get to love them, but it’s very sad when they pass on,” Mr. Cottingham said.

As building engineer, Mr. Cottingham oversees the other custodians and ensures that key tasks are accomplished before students arrive, throughout the day, and on into the night when the evening crew arrives.

“I have always just kept going when there is something to do,” Mr. Cottingham said. “I just do it. If I do not have the power or the energy to get it done, I find a new way to do the job. You have to get up every day no matter what. So, getting things done is just part of my day.”