Glo Up Challenge

Glo Up Challenge

Sky Masterson and Ivania Lopez

“Dang, look at Senthia now! She just posted a Glow Up Challenge video of herself.”
“Man, I haven’t seen her in so long. She looks really different in this video from the last time I saw her.”
“She does look really different! She looks prettier, in my opinion.”

The Glow Up Challenge is a Throwback Thursday where people show the progress of how they looked back then compared to now. Have you not heard about it?! It’s nationwide, and even celebrities are doing this challenge. When people look at the videos, they’re astonished of how much change has happened. In under a minute, you can watch people growing up. The people who post the videos feel determined, like seeing the a change in themselves, and want others to see the transformation too.

Ariana Grande Glo Up Video: