Mrs. Carr Williams Leaves the Trapeze Behind


Mrs. Carr-Williams

Mrs. Carr-Williams hasn’t always been an aide for children with special needs.

“I grew-up in the circus,” Mrs. Carr-Williams said. “My family is three generations of circus people. My dad was the master trainer of the elephants, lions and horses. I was an aerialist, performing the trapeze and various aerial acts.”

If Mrs. Carr-Williams had not gone into the education field, she would have worked with survivors of domestic violence.

“I have some friends from church who encouraged me to work in the Fort Smith school system,” Mrs. Carr-Williams said.

Originally from Hugo, Oklahoma, Mrs. Carr-Williams earned her associate’s degree from Rich Mountain Community College and her Bachelor’s degree from UAFS. Mrs. Carr-Williams, who previously worked at Chaffin Junior High, has goals for this school year.

“I hope to continue to learn from Mrs. Potts and to get to know the people at Kimmons more,” Mrs. Carr-Williams said.

Mrs. Carr-Williams has some challenges with being an aide.

“Right now, I am still getting acquainted with everyone and learning new programs,” Mrs. Carr-Williams said.

Outside of school, Mrs. Carr-Williams has some things she enjoys doing.

“I like to travel,” Mrs. Carr-Williams said. “My son serves in the Air Force, and we have been blessed to visit him in several countries.”

Mrs. Carr-Williams is liking Kimmons.

“I enjoy the students, teachers, staff and location,” Mrs. Carr-Williams said.