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Yanelli Barroso

Yanelli Barroso, Reporter

The intelligent, hardworking, competitive Yanelli Barroso, 8th, dresses as if she is going to Paris fashion week. Bold and feisty as a tiger, she doesn't let people talk down to her despite her being short.

A flaw Yanelli would like to eliminate is procrastination.

“I forget to finish what I was going to do,” Yanelli said.

To get to know this amazing 14-year-old, you would have to know she loves spending time with her three siblings, friends, and family.

“But I also distance myself from the people I love,” Yanelli said.

A surprising fact about Yanelli is that she can drive.

“I still need to work on it, though,” Yanelli said.

Soccer is Yanelli’s best strength.

“I feel like I can really make something out of myself if I continue to focus on Soccer,” Yanelli said. “Soccer makes me happy and makes me forget about all of my problems.”

Yanelli would like to learn more about Football.

“Football confuses me, but it gets intense,” Yanelli said.

Yanelli’s all-time favorite Netflix show is On My Block.

“It’s really entertaining and funny to watch,” Yanelli said.

Ka$hdami is Yanelli’s all-time favorite musician.

“His music is really fun to listen to,” Yanelli said.

If Yanilli could be any animal, she would be a dog because they are actually really interesting.”

“Dogs also have quite a bit of freedom,” Yanelli said.

Ayrie Dela Rosa’s favorite moment with Yanelli is when they would hang out together and watch TV.

“We would see commercials, try to call the number with the house phone, and try to get some things they were selling,” Ayrie said.

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Yanelli Barroso