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Diego Martinez

Diego Martinez, Reporter

Diego Martinez, 8th, is a energetic, nice, competitive person who loves soccer.

Aside from his love of soccer, Diego would like to learn more about Basketball.

“I enjoy playing Basketball, shooting hoops, and playing with friends,” Diego said.

Diego would describe himself as a kind, funny, and happy person.

“I always smile and have a good mood,” Diego said.

A flaw Diego would like to eliminate is always being on his phone.

“Social media distracts me from my school work,” Diego said.

Friends are very important to Diego.

“I care about them and would defend them,” Diego said.

William Hernandez is a good friend.

“A great memory with William was his 14th birthday because he rented a bouncy house, and we fought his little cousins inside,” Diego said.

Gerson Rivas' first impression of Diego was that he was very cool. They became good friends.

“We were both lonely, but I think I came up to him and said ‘Hi,’” Gerson said.

Gerson’s favorite memory with Diego was when they played Fortnite the first time.

“I was better at the time than him,” Gerson said.

Yahir Martinez, 8th, feels that Diego is chill and funny, and they also enjoy playing Fortnite.

“Diego’s a good friend because he gives me gum,” Yahir said.

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Diego Martinez