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Carlos Abrego

Carlos Abrego, Reporter

The nice, funny Carlos Abrego, 8th, scored a clean banger into the soccer goal. The crowd cheered as loud as a concert.

If he could be any animal, Carlos would be a cheetah.

“They run really fast,” Carlos said.

Skydiving is on Carlo’s Bucket List.

“I feel like it is a good experience,” Carlos said. “I would also like to go to Italy because I wanna try their pizza and Six Flags because I wanna go to the scary rides.”

Being kind is Carlos' type of way to show his love.

“I like to compliment people about their looks,” Carlos said.

A flaw Carlos would like to eliminate is sleeping too much and being unfocused.

“I never get anything done when I sleep,” Carlos said. “If I fell asleep during class, I never could listen and never got my work done.”

Avatar 2 is Carlos' all-time favorite movie.

“I love the movie so much because of all the cool action and sad scenes,” Carlos said.

Carlos' all-time favorite music comes from Yeat.

“I love Yeat so much that I listen to him everyday,” Carlos said.

Friends are important to Carlos.

“I always have fun with my friends like when we went to Parrot Island,” Carlos said. “We had a great time together.”

Yahir Martinez's first impression of Carlos was that he looked shy.

“I'd met Carlos from a really close friend of mine that introduced him to me,” Yahir said. “He’s a good friend because he’s nice and good at soccer.”
Gerson Rivas’s first impression of Carlos was very chill and nice.

“Carlos is a good friend but very bad at Fortnite,” Gerson said. “My favorite memory is when we played on the playground in elementary school because he was so fast in soccer that I could barely get him.”

Profile written by Diego Martinez

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Carlos Abrego